Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Can we put a limit on the celebrity deaths? This whole two in one day thing is starting to get really depressing.

Kennedy Dead At 77 (The Boston Globes obit)

Dominick Dunne Dead At 83 (Huffington Post)

I didn't really know anything about Ted Kennedy, aside from the whole Chappaquiddick thing. He's just someone that was always there. It's a bit odd to think that there is no longer a Kennedy in the
Senate (there's not is there? I'm not really up on Massachusetts politics). It feels like the end of an era. After reading everyone's thoughts today, I can say he definitely accomplished a lot as a Senator. I believe that you can still think that he was kind of a dick in his personal life, what with the drinking and whoring around and being a murder suspect, but that it's possible to still admire everything that he did away from all that, in his professional life. And I admire anyone who dedicates their entire life to a cause, and to champion tirelessly to ensure that people that are less fortunate have a better life. So, well played your whole professional life Ted Kennedy. I can honestly say that I don't think there will be another one like you.

*Cartoon belongs to creator Jeff Danziger.

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