Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Even I know that

Driving home from work yesterday I was behind a little old lady in a Caddy. She was going slow and there was traffic so I couldn't pass her. Therefore, I had plenty of time to study her bumper sticker -

Trust God's mother

Pray the rosary

Now, the only reason I have retained any knowledge of Catholicism is for mocking purposes (which this totally fits), but even I know that GOD DOESN'T HAVE A MOTHER. Get your fucking religion straight lady. Your bumper sticker should say 'Trust Jesus' mother'. How did this escape your notice? Also the notice of the people who made the bumper sticker, but maybe they were just fucking with you.

Continuing in my afternoon drive of weirdness, I stopped to get a sandwich and there were these two teenage girls in the parking lot sitting in a wee little cart, pulled by the tiniest pony I have ever seen. When they pulled into a space, the cart and pony took up less than half the parking space. And they were just riding around the parking lot and pulling into random spaces. WTF?

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