Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

For some reason I've been getting a ton of spam recently. Step up your game with the spam filters Comcast. Seriously. Anyway, one of the messages was for a vacation in....wait for it.....Branson, Missouri. And just the other day, while I was watching a 48 Hours Investigates marathon (do not mock my love of true crime) on TLC, there was like, 3 commercials each hour for Branson, Missouri. Is this a hot new vacation spot? I could see NYC, or SF or Miami. Someplace along those lines. But Missouri? I'm confused.

Also, I did see Virginia Madsen shilling for Botox and I was saddened. In case you didn't know, Botox touts 'flexibility'. Considering every person I've seen on tv with Botox has the most inflexible, unmoving face possible, I think we all know what a joke that is.

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