Thursday, December 18, 2008

Contrary to how it may seem from the entries in this blog, I'm not actually all about politics. However, these days there is just so much that's popping up I can't help but talk about it. Or maybe I'm just paying more attention. Who knows?

The 'Right to Conscience' regulation has me all up in arms. Seriously?!? I can't even begin to express how wrong I  think this is. And I work in the healthcare industry. The nice thing about being a raging liberal, I suppose, is the fact that I have no issues with any medical procedures. I do think plastic surgery for vanity is stupid and not something I'd ever do, but would I refuse to schedule (I'm a surgery scheduler, fyi) that for someone? Absolutely not. It's their body and they can do whatever they want with it, regardless of what I think. If you have a problem with LEGAL medical procedures/treatments/prescriptions, don't be a fucking doctor. Or nurse, or pharmacist. Whatever spot you have in healthcare, get the hell out. 

On Rachel Maddow, she brought up the fact that this doesn't just effect birth control/abortions. If a pharmacist or pharmacy technician is a Christian Scientist, for example, and doesn't agree with antibiotics for children, then they can refuse to fill your prescription. And while I wonder while someone so opposed to basic medical treatment would be in that job, it still is a terrifying thought. Not only that, but the regulation is vague enough that it can apply to anyone that is involved in the process. If the cashier ringing up your purchase doesn't agree, they can refuse to sell to you. Believe whatever you want to believe, but don't force it on other people. If you don't believe in birth control, then don't take it. But don't tell me that I can't take it. In no way does anyone else have control over what I put into my body. Especially a legal prescription.

Full disclosure: The hospital I work for is run by nuns and as such, abortions are not performed there as an elective procedure. In no way do I agree with the practice of banning procedures, but a job is a job. And even though I don't agree with it, although not for religious purposes, I still do the job.

Sometimes, other people say it best. From 'The West Wing', season 4 episode 9 (emphasis mine):

BARTLET: The only doctor available won't do it.
ABBEY: He's Jewish?
BARTLET: Persian.
ABBEY: He doesn't have a choice.
BARTLET: Abbey...
ABBEY: He doesn't. Doctors aren't instruments of the state, and they're not allowed to choose patients on spec.
BARTLET: I can't order him to do it.
ABBEY: Yes, you can.
BARTLET: Through the power vested in me by you?
ABBEY: Samuel Mudd set Booth's leg after he shot Lincoln. Doctors are liable in this country if they don't treat the patient right in front of them.
BARTLET: Just for the record, this is why we don't talk about foreign policy. Which we do, and you don't think we do it enough.
BARTLET: Because Samuel Mudd was tried and convicted of treason for setting that leg.
BARTLET: What 'so'?
ABBEY: So that's the way it goes. You set the leg.
BARTLET: The patient right in front of them?

P.S. Dear Blogger - why the hell won't you upload this post with a picture? Or links? Is this some sort of commentary on pro-choice?

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